Friday, February 29, 2008

the first question

The first question remark at the debate is now being used to say Hillary is weak and a complainer. Tucker today. Her remark was to the point the Messiah never has to think on the spot. He is able to take his time and respond to her question rather then having to pose his ideas by himself.” I agree with Hillary” or to rephrase her response as he did with the Russia question! That is what she was complaining about!

It is an injustice to our country to have such a biased press. It will be the down fall of our entire democracy. I hope the Internet can save our society and combat the mega corporations that control our supply of information.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yahoo! I finally heard some one stand up against the Race Baiting that has been tagged to Hillary. Paul Bagale called them on it and said NAME ONE TIME SHE HAS RACE BAITED? The Jesse Jackson remark! PLEASE!! Paul had a come back. The press loves to slam Hillary.
Wisconsin today we will see if they have COME TO OBAMA and drunk the Kool Aid !
The Messiah obama will fail if he gets elected. The to be Obama first lady said this is the first time she is proud to be an American. WOW what a first lady she"d make.

Friday, February 8, 2008

msnbc debate

Hillary Clinton should not debate on MSNBC. Let's face facts MSNBC has lost all sense of journalistic principles regarding bias in journalism. Chris Matthews and now Keith and even Nora have lost it. They hate Hillary and fawn over Obama more then the Obama Girl herself. They have been the most disrespectful news cast as well. We all know the debate will draw millions of viewers. Why should this bag of wind unprofessional network be rewarded with such viewer statistics? The entire network has become a joke!

Boy do I miss Moms cookin