Thursday, November 29, 2007

Roads for Sale
Check out Slate.coms link above let me know what you think.
OK, so I take your house , tax your income, tax your property and build a road for the betterment of us all by virtue of eminent domain. Then I pass a law so I can charge you to drive on it ,so the road make lots and lots of money. Next I sell it to a foreign company that donated millions to get me reelected. God I love America.The Republican way sell out America today. PLEASE WAKE UP AND VOTE FOR DEMOCRAT.

As I watch the debates and listen to the pundits say over and over again how the WAR GOT THE DEMOCRATS ELECTED I have to wounder are we that simplistic? I may not be the brightest star in the sky but one issue only. I think it was a host of issues. How about the people that came out to vote against the Republican hypocrisy? How about those that specifically came out to vote to end the Jack Abramoff Republican corruption. How about those who came out to vote for science in stead of a Republican agenda set out to destroy science advances in our country. How about those who came out to vote for the separation of church and state and to protect our country from the Republican parties agenda to turn the USA into a theocracy. How about those that don't want their tax dollars building Republican political bridges to nowhere. How about those that found the appointment of Religious Right fundamentalist to all departments of or government appalling. How about the snowball affect of all of these "HOW ABOUTS"? If you intend to vote Republican ever again Please ask that your choice be able to think for him or herself and not be just another lemming leaping over the Republican cliff.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oil Profits and the selling of America

I just read an article about the small countries of the Mideast buying major assets in the US and Asia. What a surprise!!!! Is there no Nationalism left in this country! A publicly traded company has one purpose and one purpose only to return a profit to it's shareholder. No matter who they are or where they are. If you believe business influences our government and big business is owned by foreigners and sometimes foreign governments then is our government and by extension our lives and laws influenced by foreign governments? You bet it is! Does the World Trade Organization have our best interests at heart can such an organization be totally unbiased? What does it mean and what are the implications of such deals?

Just some Ramblings !

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Untouchable Oprah Sells Books and Obama

We will soon see the Oprah effect. I personally have never seen her show , so what do I know. I know she has a school in poor suburbs of Texas, no no not Texas, the inner cities like Oakland or Detroit, no not there either, maybe it was the little town in Iowa that lost 65 percent of its jobs to outsourcing no not there. Maybe she opened an education center in the depressed manufacturing towns of the Midwest. NO SHE DID NOT She opened a multimillion dollar school in South Africa. I think that is great helping South Africa and all that but it is a matter of loyalty, not to your past heritage but to your present! I think most celebrities sees the world differently then most Americans. I'll bet most Americans feel deeply about starving people all over the world yet have a hard time finding South Africa on a map. Celebrities travel the world and it it EASY TO SEE the discrepancies of our living standards with most of the worlds. Do they look into the soft underbelly of our own society. Do they drive their foreign made cars on 495 out of Malibu and stop to see the poverty in East LA have they taken the time to see America? I'm certain if they had ,they would get the same feelings about helping the less fortunate that prompted their outpouring of philanthropy, but it would be here in their own backyard.
Well so much for a criticism about celebrity.
Will Oprah help Obama? I think her endorsement will help with those who didn't read before Oprah told them to read. I think the majority of people will think that she is just a Rich Black Woman backing a Rich Black Guy for the reason of Race alone. Those who like him now will still like him and those who are on the fence will still be on the fence. Unless of course they didn't read before Oprah told them to read.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Poor Joe!

Joe Biden is the most qualified and gets no media respect. He or She who controls the media is in control of the world.
Will Joe be Pres I don't think so! Will he take the secretary of state job if offered. I hope so.
It is time to eviscerate the religious right and save our country from certain destruction. The poor gullible souls who believe in the likes of Tom the Exploiter Delay or Karl the Bamboozler Rove have been duped. These two men have harmed our country beyond our wildest dreams for nothing but their own egos. They have exploited the religious belief of so many and twisted facts and emotions so they were able to persuade people into thinking the separation of church and state is not important.Or for that matter not even in our constitution. That certain issues are so important it is worth compromising the first amendment and our constitution.
The leaders of the religious right have betrayed their trust and should be stopped.

Boy do I miss Moms cookin