Monday, June 2, 2008


The election of OBAMA will foster more racist churches and will negate any argument parents have to their children about judging your friends wisely. It will take away arguments for kids to stay away from COCAINE USE, since you can still be president! The church, Rezko ,Ayers , Auchi, and Louis Farrakhan. will all be OK if Obama wins. He CAN NOT WIN! I will work to get McCain elected for two reasons.
First to show to my children that I am right when I say to stay away from DRUGS it leads you down the wrong path. Second I want to show the party they need to address the will of the middle class. I will not vote for the elites that put Obama in power. I will not vote to condone short cuts in life or underhanded dealings for personal gain. I am not religious but do believe in the Golden Rule! Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Obama doesn't live by this standard not even an attempted to do so. He will never get my vote and I will do what I can to get McCain elected. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS DEAD in my eyes forever if Obama is elected. I'm not ready to make nice and don't think I would if I could.

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