Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here is my point! Hillary got beat unfairly! The Party that she and President Bill Clinton "the only two term Democrat since end of WWII" built has left her. They stood silent while the two were called racist, and the rest of us as well. They stood silent while the MSM openly beat her with misogynous attacks. They stood silent as Obama played the race card in South Carolina. They stood silent as thugs intimidated people in the caucuses. They stand silent today as Obama moves the DNC to corrupt Chicago. They stand silent as Obama tries to take her name off the roll call at the convention.It is disingenuous to hide behind "She told me to stand behind Obama" she has no choice but say that,we do.
Your post also makes a flawed assumption! It assumes we love Hillary and all she stands for. This is not always true. She would have been the best candidate for the job but please don't deify her like the Obama cult has done him. Many of us think Obama would put the country in grave danger. His racial fight for the job has pushed racial tensions to the limit. Death threats to those who disagree with him. His Hoodwink and Bamboozle speeches to name a few. So as you hide behind she told me to do it try to think of the big picture. The Democratic Party has condoned this behavior. The party has stamped it's approval on this type of fight. Without consequences this will become the norm. I believe four years of a Republican will tell the party they must change. I hold the party accountable for this mess. I will never ever vote for Obama. He shouldn't even have been in the race if not for race and that is a shame. A person whose biggest qualification was a "COMMUNITY ORGANIZER" 130 present votes,not even a year in the Senate before running, PLEASE HE SHOULD BE THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD! SPARE ME! GET REAL!

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No one took a bigger hit from Obama than Bill and Hillary Clinton during the primary race. If they are willing to put that aside for the good of the Democratic Party and the country I would think that the Rickster would be willing to humble himself and support the nominee also.

Boy do I miss Moms cookin