Monday, June 9, 2008

they stood silent

Why you should not support the Democratic Party! Taylor hits on some of the smear of sexism in this article but racism. Both are condoned if you support Obama! The party stood silent! Not a peep! As nutcrackers were sold and bitch being labels applied they stood silent. As dumb ass Donna Eric Michael Dyson cried racism and the Bradley They stood silent! The MSM crowed about her laugh her cackle they stood silent. As Obama pounded her as a racist with the Fairy Tail they stood silent. When Obama called President Bill Clinton for race baiting about Jessie Jackson They stood silent. When Barack pounced racism about Martin Luther Kings Role in History they stood silent. As the MSM continued to play Obamas race card the party stood silent.
AS we know from the song Silence like a cancer grows.

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