Monday, June 2, 2008

Roe v Wade will never be over turned

As a society we will not go back to!

Maggie Cries with her head in her pillow. Sundays are hard to accept these days. She finally rolls out of bed and heads to the bathroom for a shower before church. Church has been a Sunday ritual for the past 16 years.

Sundays past were a joyful event. They were a time to put on her pretty dresses and meet with her neighborhood friends. Now things are different.

Hi Mom Dad. Hi Honey. Are you all right? Yeah! Your eyes look puffy. Maggie are you still upset the cheerleaders didn’t pick you again? No! What time did you get in last night? 10 is that ok with you! Why are you always bugging me about what time I’m getting home and the music I like and the kids I hang around with any way? I just don’t want you getting in trouble.

Our great President George W Bush will be on TV tonight and you need to be home to watch it OK. Why? If you plan on going to William & Mary next year you better keep up on current events. Yes Dad. Your grandfather went there. I went there. Your Mother went there and you are going there! Yes Dad.

Isn’t it great that George Bush has set aside money for our church out reach program! This way we can help educate those poor city kids about the pitfalls with drugs and having babies out of wedlock. Yes Dad. Come on Honey let’s get going.

The Cadillac pulls into the church parking lot and Maggie is quick to get into the church and find her friend Dorothy.

Well did you tell him Maggie? Did you tell Darren yet? No not yet. He is leaving for Brown next week. I couldn’t tell him it would wreck everything. He is planning to take over his fathers business when he graduates. This would stop that for sure. I couldn’t do that to him.

Dorothy promises you won’t tell him. What time did you leave Billy's party yesterday? Was Darren still there? He hasn’t talked to me in two months. Do you think he knows? I don’t know? He had to know it was my first time. I was so scared but he wouldn’t stop and I wanted him to be my first. But now what do I do? You have to tell him! NO!

How am I going to become a Doctor like my Dad if I have to drop out of high school pregnant? My father would die if I didn’t become a doctor like him. That is all he ever talks about. Me Going to William & Mary fowling in the family footsteps.

My mother would disown me as a slut. You should hear her talk about the city girls as though they were from another world. Uncivilized heathens bent on living on welfare as immoral sluts and harlots full of corruption and undermining our society.

You could always drive to Canada and get an abortion. My older sisters friend got one here in Texas a few years ago before George Bush became president and made it illegal.
She finished high school went to college and now is a biologist. She is working on a cur for Alzheimer’s that might help Ronald Reagan remember he was president. She has two kids now and is happily married. I cant drive to Canada for starters I don’t have the money secondly I only have a learners permit. Thirdly where would I go?

Please God let me have a miscarriage and forget this one night ever happened! Please God I’ll never have sex again for as long as I live. Please God take this baby from me now so I can live a normal life. Please so I can become a doctor and save lives and help people in need. Please God.

One week later Sunday morning Barbara is heard calling: Maggie get up it’s time for church. John did Maggie get in late last night. No Dear she got home right after school and said she was tired and went right to bed. Maggie get up! John go get her.

Oh no! OH NO NO NO NO Not my baby BARBARAAA!!!! BARBARA!!! Tears and screams. God NO Not my Baby.

Maggie lay still on the bed covered in blood with a bloody coat hanger on the floor next to her.

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